Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Rabbit Story

too\day we wrote a story on my own.

Start writing here: one day there was a rabbit the huge   rabbit ate mr kaydis and miss
lee   tom and jerry were scared and the 2 sister were looked scared and the rabbit were broken the house and car it was all full it was in the day then it became night  time and they fix the house  and the cars and made a big wall so they can not get and eat them and then they were hanger and they got 10 rabbits and they cook them the end .

Friday, 16 June 2017


On lake taupo there was a taniwha. the taniwha lived in the sea and he was a afraid of light. There was a worrier he’s name is Tamarereti he woke up in village his kete was empty and he was  Hungry.  He went in his waka and went fishing. He caught 3 big fish and he went for a sleep and he’s waka went to the other side of the lake. He woke up  and he cooked his big fish and he ate it. It was getting dark and he was scared.  He saw some pebbles and he chucked  pebbles  into the sky and they became the 7 stars and he could see. He Made it back to his home  and the sky god came and said thank you.         

Friday, 26 May 2017

air planes

On monday after lunch the  students  form room 14 watch a video and tane  we  made
Paper airplanes .  to have fun and we had  a compensation and kelly win. Me and my friend were shy and excited and our Paper airplanes  gliding and we had force and we had thrust and it gone. up and we look it was gliding for long and long and then it want down and my one. came 2  in my group le’shar came 1 and then jade group and jade one? And the compensation. and kelly win and we want home and want to play game and go sleep.

Friday, 12 May 2017

adding to 10 and 100

i was adding to 10 and 100

growing pumpkin

Why do gardeners “dig compost” into the soil?
So it can grow
Take a photo of a “tiny green shoot” from in your book - and insert it below.
How do bees help plants to grow.
Why did Grandad save the pumpkin seeds?
To more seeds

Write what happens to the pumpkin during each season.

He got the biggest pumpkin
So he can use over winter
The pumpkin plants
They spread out all over garden

mitch to the rescue

 We read a story and had to think and answer the questions
Why did Mitch have to be careful on the rocks?
He will slip  
Why did he put the duckling in the water close to its mum?
So it did not get hart
Why was the sunhat important to the story?
So he can scoop it up
Why did the duckling need help?
He was by the roock