Monday, 11 December 2017

Prize giving 2017

Last week on Thursday we had  prize giving  and the year 4  kapa  haka performed. I was in the kapa haka group.

Friday, 1 December 2017

Friday, 17 November 2017

film festival recount

Yesterday we went to the movies I like the daboyz  in room 13 and sugar rap and someone said  you might  get  fat like pupa eat some fruit and your teeth well be yellow
And  the  slow mo and just dance because it was funny from room 11 and  taste test because my . cousin was in it and she was so scared form 4 and room 24 because they wear talking about plot and tell the add out to nu pa-lout papa to Nanook  wall be in fact id .
And are movie  it was so so funny peter pan shadow and when we want in and  out we look at hulk and turf and we want to school  and eat lunch and play handball .

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

writing and video

Dere Ashton i have roblox and minecraft about learning so one time we were playing  with rainbow parachute and we want in for 90 sc and cat and mouse and pop the ball and i caught it in the air and i got 1000 and we did high jump and rela and i came 2 two times and in the fanel i came 3 and we wrote about it it took long and i have dogs but some dead and 1 is alive has name is tane  he was the best but my mum give him away and i was sad and sometimes and i like basketball and soccer i play softball the ball is hard it not soft do you like softball and basketball do you ? and we did muic.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

duffy books

The GHOSTS Maya has a breathing tube and we lender a lite  spaciness  and then  cat want to some loud noise and there was GHOSTS and cat found  her nana and she fond a boy that no a GHOST and when he came up to cat hi and his uncool .

The star lord the star lord team up and then some vampire tired get them and cancer them and the alins and they bad to and they to get out and star lord he blast them in to the cage and lock and the a their side.

Thank you for my Duffy books they are so awesome!

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

the folder

When the second bell ring in the morning and we walk  to the we toke the roll in the court  and Mr Burt got the microphone and talk in to the . Microphone and he said year 7 and 8  can get some baby fish and feed them and make them big and they had a big net and lilt whole and we were singing Maori  the year we put it in the flooder and look at them tomorrow and we . will have fish food a about  70 of fish food and  Kauri flats have 4 we have 70 and we put 10 back  in  the water and we have 60 now .